Academy Award for a deserving writer

Will it happen? Find out Sunday, but David Seidler deserves an award for perseverance, if nothing else.”The King’s Speech” is his story, one he wanted to write 25 years ago. Alas, it was turned down by the Queen Mom who said the memory of her husband’s affliction was too painful “during my lifetime.” And so he waited and waited, for twenty five years Mr. Seilder did, until the Queen Mother died at 102. All of this made known last night on “60 Minutes.” Also revealed was a diary, the words of the speeches typed for Bertie by his therapist. His grandson produced these pages, which show the lines drawn by Albert, as he referred to himself in their correspondence, lines noting the pauses he’d take when the pages were read. Some multi-syllable worlds were deleted by His Majesty. A photo was produced by the grandson of the now famous therapist, a bit more handsome than the very talented Geoffrey Rush, who may win for Best Supporting Actor. He’s won before. David Seidler hasn’t. A man with a full head of white hair, and a mind that held a memory for oh so long and then writes every loving word of it deserves to win.