Greased by those slimy ideologues, our country is sliding into the abyss, you might think, well think again.

I did after reading what David Deutsh had to say about part of it, which could apply from sea to shining sea of our fruited plain. The island of Manhattan is, in his way of looking at things, less a matter of geology than it is of economics and politics and human psychology. Our human maneuverings are what make our land a place of improvements. More than the force of gravitation,  the second law of thermodynamics, or even the phenomenon of death, the rise of communities like the 17 mile long one, and those less clotted, transform the landscape. All of this happens spontaneously, he says, the result: the explanations of almost all physically possible phenomena are about how to bring them about.  The wonder of olden days (will that Sun god give us a better than average corn crop if we cut her head off) has been eclipsed by the knowledge of today. We’re no long part of the universe, we’re in the dead center of it. That we act like school children fighting over a hamburger somebody’s mother grilled, when all our lunch pales have is a p b and j, is part of the growing up process, Mister Deutsch might say, urging us to grow up, think scientically, not angrily.