“The life of a young man, John Howard, at times heroic, at times comic, a person who tries, in the small ways he can, to make his life better.”

The Way Up by Ward R. Jones“Enthralling . . . convincing . . . a well told coming of age story.” – Kirkus Reviews
“Jones weaves an insightful story . . . his blue-collar beer swilling about to be in-laws is broad comedy at its best . . . Jones has a talent for both comedy and drama.” – ForeWord Clarion Reviews
Emotional, painful and often sensual, The Way UP follows the trials and tribulations of John Howard, a 26-year-old law school graduate who works through family tragedy, turbulent relationships, and an unexpected series of career changes. Jones’ complex characters come to life in The Way Up, as Howard comes to grip with his ever-changing reality in this intriguing and dramatic tale.
The Way Up by Ward Jones
"I felt suddenly the kind of nausea felt in a small boat, when on high seas with someone you hate you're tempted to dive off, let nature decide. I soon would be that person, and though larger than the metaphorical boat I envisioned, our house in Spring Branch would be, as it was before I left, buffeted by the more powerful, more lasting storms, those of emotion, the only calm, my mother."

Spike Tiggler

In the summer of 1974 Spike Tiggler stood on the surface of the moon and threw a pass four hundred and fifty yards. Touchdown! This was during a thirty-minute period when no specific tasks had been assigned and the two fellows on the surface were allowed to follow up anything that made them curious. Well, […]

California, land of dystopia

End of the world novels don’t appeal to me. The Road by Cormac McCarthy was an arduous one I won’t walk again. And now there’s California, which has a broader, but equally grim perspective. A couple in California retreat from LA, where Santa Ana winds drive a raging fire that destroys the city–where our son, […]

A “swell” book, one that will “knock you out,” and maybe has.

Catcher in the Rye, a book I read as a teenager, a few years older than Holden Caulfield. Having gone to prep school I could identify with the stuff he went through with that roommate of his. There was boy like him at Loomis who snapped his towel at those in the shower, a football […]